Climate science is master in hiding abrupt cooling

When will it be recognized that the oceans are huge and have only an average temperature of + 4°C, able to cause very sudden drastic cooling — that could threaten the survival of civilization.


One of the most shocking scientific realizations of all time has slowly been dawning on us: an abrupt cooling could be triggered by our current global-warming trend. Europe’s climate could become more like Siberia’s, assumed William H. Calvin some time ago, warning that global warming could lead, paradoxically, to drastic cooling — a catastrophe that could threaten the survival of civilization. In his view there seems to be no way of escaping the conclusion that global climate flips occur frequently and abruptly. An abrupt cooling could happen now, and the world might not warm up again for a long time.

Calvin’s essay was published two decades ago, but a global cooling issue is poison to AGW, the anthropogenic warming thesis of mainstream climate science. Unfortunately the situation is even worst. W.H. Calvin assumes that the world could be back to ice-age temperature within a decade. It can happen much faster.

Adolf Hitler and his naval force managed to catapult Europe back to an ice-age winter in just four months, namely from September to December 1939, as indicated in the previous post and Oceans Govern Climate

Credit: William H. Calvin;  The Atlantic Monthly; January 1998; The Great Climate Flip-Flop; Volume 281, No. 1;

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