Nervous Met-Office – Ignoring Regional Sea

The recent run of unsettled, wet weather will continue this week with Storm Frank (MetOff-29Dec15), the sixth named storm of the season arrives. December has already been a record breaking month for rainfall in some parts of the UK, with exceptional amounts of rain falling onto already saturated ground (28Dec- HERE). Wet weather will continue. Storm Frank (955 hPa) south-east of Greenland Tuesday morning is on the way (29 Dec) –Fig 1 (left)–

How much of this situation is due to Northern Europe’s condition, high air pressure East of the Baltic (Fig.1), and high sea surface temperatures from Faroe Island to St. Petersburg (Fig.2 – right). No wonder that Met-Off is surprised, if not taking the North Sea and Baltic into account, and not asking why? Excessive use of the regional seas should not be ignored. HERE & HERE


Met-Office update: 30 December 2015 – Heavy rain and strong winds associated with Storm Frank have affected many parts of the UK -HERE-


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