COP21 in cloud-cuckoo land

One single winter proves that COP21 is wrong! War winter 1939/40 proves COP21 acts irresponsible.

There was an El Nino active in late 1939. Since May 2015 a ‘Monster Godzilla El Niño” is promulgated by science and the press. In Paris COP21 agreed a new climate treaty on global warming few days ago on Sunday the 13th December, without taking note of the real world.
By mid-December 1939 in Northern European waters sea icing commenced:

__From Denmark first signs of ice were reported around mid-December and they increased soon in the inner closed waters.

_ Icing emerged on river Elbe on the 16th of December 1939, intensified massively before month end, and continued with extreme sea ice conditions for 90 days –throughout the regional seas- until mid-March 1940.

This year, with ‘normal activities at sea’, North Sea and Baltic are much warmer than average (Fig.1), far away to freeze. That was different seven decades ago. Naval war has churned the sea, cooling it down, sea ice established early and lasting, for which only man was to blame! Easy to find out. But COP21 remains in cloud-cuckoo land.

h/t: Booklet, p 36/37 at

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